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Gaining Popularity and Viewership just got so much fun


Numbers Game

The more numbers registered users get, the higher they rank and be more visible to more viewers and audience.


Favorites and Interests

Be someone's Favorite Profile, Have people interested in your Projects. A new way to Build your Portfolio for People to know that you are a Brand.


Risk / Reward Solution

The more you gain on BeABrand, our platform puts you in the Limelight of companies and individuals to work with you and your Audience.



Build on Events and Activities that gains you Popularity with more viewers through Brand of the Day / Week / Month / Year.

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Better than any Customer-Oriented platform in Kenya, for Kenyans, to the World. Towards Better Marketing.

Dennis Joseph

"As soon as I saw this platform, everything else wasn't the same anymore, I just can't describe it guys! Thank you for this project!"

Jeremiah Mwangi

"Great platform! Used this for a client already and she is over the moon. Keep up the good work BeABrand! 10/10 for design, colours, and the feel of the site."

Muthua Peter

"Damn Daniel!!! This user interaction is fresh AF! Amazeballs!