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Build Yourself, Build your Network, Build your Worth.
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Don't forget we still were in the same concern as yours, how do we build ourselves into Brands? Using portfolios and Network beyond our professional circle, constantly understanding emerging markets then connecting with the people involved ... Story short, it became a project to build.

We are nerd rockstars

We learn, We build, We connect ... We rock your world.

Timothy Kimemia

CEO / Founder

Your Ability to Think is your Ability to Create.

Bonface Chokwe

COO / Business Strategists

Success happens where opportunity meets preparation.

Philip Amani

CFO / Investment Strategists

Don't be scared of the truth because we need to restart the human foundation.

Esther Wangari

CCO/ Customer Development

Creativity is allowing you to make mistakes. Art is knowing which to keep.

Simple steps to BeABrand

This is where we connect the dots.

1. Create

Register / Login and have an Account. Create and Upload Amazing, Unique, Awesome Images that represents you well enough. Make sure it attracts lots of audience and customers

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2. Connect

Boost your Career and your Audience is through effective Marketing. Introducing NetAdvert (Network Advertising) and S.O.A (Strengths, Opportunities, Accessibilities) and Share audience with other Brands. Greater the Connection, The Greater the Audience.

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3. Grow

Connect with other Brands, share each other's project to each other's audience and attract more than your circle. Grow beyond your Horizon. We market ourselves by Marketing the Brands of BeABrand.

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Our office is our second home

Here are some pictures from our office. You can see the place looks like a palace and is fully equiped with everything you need to get the job done.

Raised Image
Raised Image
Raised Image
Raised Image
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Want to work with us?

If you see the difference, If you see the potential, Join Us. We will get back to you in a couple of hours.

Your work will get much easier


Search Optimized to Profiles

Search products, services, anything, anyone ... BeABrand platform will point to the closest reputation profile who does what you are looking for.


Profile with Contacts

Being a public platform, BeABrand is Customer-Oriented that our registered users (Brands) are recommended to have Active Business Contacts for Client.


Variety of Brands

No Focus Group Here! Get Photographers, Nurses, Movie Vendors, Chefs, Business Analysts, Travel Agencies ... depending with their level of Connection with other Brands.

Trusted by 19000+ Brands and Growing

The platform that keeps on giving is used by 19000+ people and companies. This is what some of them think: a
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